Tell Me About COBRA

COBRA Basics

  • What is it?
  • How do I qualify?
  • How does it affect my family?

Is COBRA Right For Me?

  • Is it better than other health insurance options?
  • How does the cost compare with other plans?
  • Are there helpful deciding factors?

The New COBRA Subsidy!

  • Do I qualify for the subsidy?
  • How much does it cover?
  • What if I'm already paying the full price of COBRA?


  • How do I know if I am eligible for COBRA?
  • Is my employer obligated to continue my benefits under COBRA?
  • How long do COBRA benefits last?
Find out about the new COBRA Subsidy
Did you know that a new law was signed into effect in February 2009, and you may now be eligible for a 65% government subsidy for your health insurance through COBRA? Find out more from our COBRA Subsidy page.
Find out how you can take advantage of your alternatives to COBRA.
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Keep in mind
Do not cancel or decline COBRA coverage until your new health insurance application is approved and you are comfortable with the terms of your new policy.
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